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Moving tips you should know

Step 1: Prepare your move

In general, the best way to have a successful move is to prepare for your move well in advance so that you have some leeway.

Ideally, a move should start to take hold as soon as the relocation project is planned. The sooner you start the preparations, the better you can target your needs and thus avoid unnecessary last minute costs.

A successful move is a move that has been prepared. Question of reducing the stress caused by this important step, taking time to organize yourself will optimize your time, money and energy. So everything will go well!

Step 2: Identify your needs

First, determine as precisely as possible the volume you plan to move in order to have a moving quote drawn up that will best meet your real needs. You must therefore start by sorting your belongings, leaving the superfluous aside. As part of an international move, you probably won’t be able to bring all your belongings, for cost reasons. For example, avoid taking your furniture in prebuilt set, which does not tolerate being taken apart and transported long distances. This is perhaps the perfect opportunity to renew your furniture!

If you are not sure how to estimate the volume you will have to transport, you could always contact us!

Step 3: Choosing a time for your move

Certain periods, in Quebec more particularly, between May and June are sensitive periods, the summer and the school holidays are the dates when we move the most too. If possible, try not to move during these periods, so that you have a better choice when using a professional mover. If possible, also avoid the end of the month for your travels and favor the middle or the beginning of the month.

Tip: Make a list on which you will write down the tasks you will have to do.

Step 4: Packing and moving

One of your greatest fears will undoubtedly be damaging some of your most precious possessions. By counting by following some of our advices it will be possible to pack them suitably, in this way they will make the journey of the move and will remain in one piece.