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Local Moving

Let’s plan your local move together

Our team of professional and courteous movers is here to facilitate your local move. Our know-how will ensure the transition of your goods from the origin to the desired destination without hassle.

Whether it is your first move or you are a repeat customer, our service is aimed at both individuals and businesses and offers a range of services tailored to your needs and your budget.

With our generational experience, KCI Moving and Transport has the expertise and know-how to make your local move run smoothly.

We also offer a long distance moving service. We can carry out your move anywhere in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes.

Move your piano, our expertise

Relocating your piano involves a very specific procedure that requires expertise in this area. The removal of your piano must be carried out in good conditions! Even though extremely robust, the piano is a delicate musical instrument and it must be handled with precaution, expertise and care. The weight of the piano can vary on average from 300 to 1200 lbs depending on its type and materials of construction. Many precautions are necessary when moving it. Indeed, the finish and the very fragile mechanism of the piano are elements that require the greatest attention.

KCI Moving and Transport will apply all of its expertise during the process of moving your piano to ensure the integrity and respect of the instrument.



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